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4 June 2019 / Read Comments / By: Andrew / people, leadership, aircraft, engagement, asset, Business, employees, voluntary redundancy, perspectives

The Trifecta


They say things happen in ‘threes’ and that was certainly true for me over the past week. 

Firstly, many work colleagues I call friends, who worked at the same company I did for many years, took voluntary redundancy recently. Secondly, I read Deanna Lane’s post about ‘What happens when you are left behind’ on LinkedIn and thirdly I watched the Sunday Night program last night about the Captain, crew and passengers aboard the QF72 aircraft emergency in 2008. 

Anyone reading this might view these as completely random events, but to me they are closely connected. Why? Because the common thread I see in all, is the impact they have on every single business’s greatest asset: its people! 

Over the next week, I’ll share my professional and personal connections with each of these events and offer insights into what many businesses can learn from their employees, past, present or ‘disengaged.’

If you know of other people on Facebook who might want to hear things from a different point of view please feel free to connect them with me. 

The first of the three stories comes tomorrow. Until then, in the words of a mentor of mine ‘make it a great day’