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19 July 2019 / Read Comments / By: Andrew

It’s Reveal Day!!

It’s Reveal Day!!

Earlier this week I said thousands of miles and millions of customer interactions on aircraft had taught me the ONE thing that ALL customers want, regardless if it’s a large or small purchase. When employed expertly it can achieve remarkably positive results in customer retention, referrals, advocacy and promotion. It’s equally true that if this ONE thing is neglected the opposite can and usually does occur. 

So what is the ONE thing ALL customers want?  “To feel that they made the right decision to use your products or services” - plain and simple. 

Buyers regret is less about the monetary cost and more about feeling that you as a consumer made a bad decision, didn’t listen to your instincts, didn’t walk away or are left feeling foolish. As a provider, getting the emotional transaction right (how it makes the customer feel) ultimately delivers a product or service transaction. 

If you would like to know the hundreds of ways to show customers they’ve made the right decision to use your business, contact LIFT today.