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LIFT Talks

LIFT Talks

Motivate your team

LIFT Talks are fast paced and enthralling keynote style presentations that run for 60 minutes, providing captivating stories, insights and observations into human behaviour from 30 years in the Aviation industry.

LIFT Talks demonstrate and provide improved skills and techniques people can use to:

  1. Reduce the financial costs and emotional burden associated with conflict situations.
  2. Improve customer and staff interactions, service satisfaction and the promotion of repeat and referred business.
  3. Sustain positive and constructive attitudes in the face of challenges – big or small.
  4. Establish a leadership style that positively influences teamwork, loyalty and respect towards others.

If you or your business believe people are your most valuable asset you’ve come to the right place. LIFT Talks focus on the opportunities and benefits successful human interactions present to the culture of organisations and healthy working environments.

LIFT Talks are categorised under the following themes: Piloting PeopleAttitude at Altitude, Fight or Flight and Service-Ability. You can mix and match topics from any theme to tailor a presentation that will entertain and enthral your audience. A typical presentation runs for 60 minutes.

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LIFT talks are categorised into the following themes and topics.

Piloting People

  • How to influence people
  • How to bring out the best in people
  • The difference between leaders & managers
  • How your actions define your leadership
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Attitude at Altitude

  • How to remain positive in the face of negativity
  • How attitudes affect outcomes
  • How to affect attitudes
  • The attitudes of successful people
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Fight or Flight

  • How to defuse conflict situations
  • How to help people focus on solutions instead of problems
  • How to recognise potential conflict before it escalates
  • How to remain calm in conflict situations
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  • Why people are more important than product
  • How to provide exceptional service without burning out
  • How to use product and service failures to your advantage
  • How to turn a detractor into an advocate
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Client Testimonials

" I've just had the conversation I needed to have and it went brilliantly! It's so good to be able to impact people in a positive way, so thank you for helping me find the ability to do so. "

Jessica, Travel with Kidz

" It has been a while since I have met someone as dynamic and passionate about change as Andrew. I felt so comfortable and reassured when he talked about life and he hit the nail on the head for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it very thought provoking in terms of what we as an organisation are trying to achieve. Andrew is a change agent who really makes a difference!"

Billy, Westpac

" These Refuel sessions are relevant, insightful, inspiring, not to mention funny and witty."

Rodney, Westpac

" Just wanted to thank you for bringing Flight to us. Everyone has been buzzing about it and saying how much they were able to take away from it. Now I know what they were all so excited about! What an incredibly insightful person [Andrew] is and how lucky we are he has chosen to share this."

Carolyn, Travel with Kidz

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