Life in Flight Training

About LIFT Comms

Life in Flight Training (LIFT) is a programme designed to help leadership groups and their teams develop and strengthen soft skills in the important areas of customer service, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution.

The creator of LIFT is Andrew Staniforth. With a career spanning more than 30 years as a cabin manager in the airline industry he is now sharing his experience, skills and insights for the benefit of anyone who relies on successful customer, employee and management interactions. Having minutes not days to provide successful outcomes, Andrew and his crew demonstrate and apply real life and real time solutions to everyday situations.

Ultimately LIFT helps people to develop greater emotional intelligence, enhance their communication skills and learn to manage difficulties and stresses whether they are at work or in their personal lives.

" LIFT gives people the opportunity to learn from a vast number of human interactions and situations that have taken place on board thousands of aircraft. Working through them as part of LIFT helps broaden perspectives and develops and enhances professional and personal capabilities, particularly in the key areas of customer service, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution. LIFT also helps boost employee morale and motivation, increases productivity and creates a more positive workplace culture, which can lead to greater employee job satisfaction."

Welcome to the benefits of altitude training. Welcome to LIFT.